Thursday, February 22, 2007

I havent given up blogging for lent!!!

Hey all!!

So many of you may think that I may have given up blogging for lent, well i can assure you that I haven't. Unlike some people (random one) I have been hard at work and by the time I have got home, to be fair i cant be bothered, harsh maybe but its true!!

So what's been happening I hear you cry? Well even if you dont wanna know I'm going to tell you whether you like it or not :)

Well I have been moving things into the flat slowly and steadily, havent realised how much stuff i actually have, and like Amy I have taken alot of stuff down to the charity shop. So recently I have brought a bed (from IKEA) and a vacuum (from e bay, £26 for a Dyson, bargin). I am also acquring things left right and centre which is helpful when you are moving for the first time and you havent got the income to buy things.

Apart from flat stuff I havent really been doing much outside of work and church stuff. I want to say thanks for things people have given me so far for the flat and I will be in touch with people when I will have a house or in this case flat warming party.

On one final note, I just wanted to say good luck and bon voyage to my best mate in the whole world, good luck my friend and know that we all are praying for you!!

I hope you all are fine

Love and prayers

Aaron x

Monday, January 22, 2007

Im on the scrounge!!


Indeed it has been a long time since my last post, I have been a busy boy, working lots, and so priorites come to a head in these situations, and sleep and other things came to the forfront.

So whats been going on?

Well since my last post I have settled back into work well, its very busy with lots on so I am happy with that as I'd much rather be busy then not. This weekend thats just passed I have been on a residential in Derbyshire at a place called Dovedlae house, really nice place and the scenary was fab too!! I once went there with Breakout (now ignite) and me and a certain other young person (lets say we'll call him Johnny A) almost burnt down the house. There was a fireplace in the room at the time and so we thought we'd make a fire, unfortunalty though what we thought was glass at the front of the fire was actually perspex and so it started to melt and catch fire!!! Martin Whatley and Donald came running in and put it out so all was good! Anyway had a really good time and returned to have a beer at the Vesey last night with some of the others.

So what else has been happening? Well I have decided to bite the bullet and move out of home, scary thing in many ways but I am looking forward to the challenge of fending for myself, being able to have people round, oh and also haviing the many delights that Boldmere has to offer right on my doorstep!! :) I have already got some mugs (thanks EB), cutlery and t towels and towels to my name, as well as my bedroom furniture and some stuff which I am going to try and "borrow" off my parents!! If you have any unwanted stuff then please let me know, and I will see if it's of use to me, I will pay money so dont worry!!!

I am now off for the next two days, Yipee!! and I hope to be in the flat by the end of Feb, so that should be good. Oh and one more thing, i may be on the lookout for a flat mate and so if any ones interested then please apply within!! :)

Love and Prayers to you all

Aaron xx

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The day before the that how you spell it?

Well its the day before i go back to work, and I wanted to say that I am feeling a lot more brighter about what will happen when i get back to work, thanks to you guys who left a comment on my last post, i value your prayers and know that God is in control of all things and that I will know whether its right to stay or not, I know alot of you know my difficulties at work but God will make his will known.
Today I havent been up to much, I have had coffee with Jen and Pixie Ju although I am feeling rough as I am under attack from the dreaded man flu, I will try and avoid as many of you as possible as I dont wanna get blamed for the next lot of flu to sweep Bloggers!!
Another worry for me this year is that I am going to be 25!! Yes i realise that this may not be an issue for some people, but I am mid 20's and there is so much I havent done for God, so much I want to do as well as so many places I want to visit, I have broght myself a world map and am going to put dots on it to where I have visited, hoping to provide me with some motivation to go into God's world proclaim his name and make a difference and to also visit and stand in amazement at some of the wonderfull things God has created. What has brought this on I hear you cry? Well its all been inspired from a programme about exploring Borneao (think thats how u spell it). It is a programme where some scientific type people have been going around the jungle and forest's there looking for new animals, existing animals and the effect we have on the areas, ie deforestation. It has been a fantastic watch and I would advise people to see it if it's repeated, simply amazing!!
Anyway tonight I am sorting through my stuff and diary to see what next week has in stall for me at work, tomorrow is alot of face to face work and so I wont be in the office much which is the way I like it.
I hope that i find you all well and flu-less!!
I will indeed be blogging soon again, i think I have caught the bug again after my long lay off!! I will leave you with my 5 top places to visit in the world, feel free to write your top five, and i encourage you to try the map idea, providing you can remember all the places you have all been too!!!

1) Oz (as much of it as poss)
2) Brazil (Rainforest and Rio)
3) Jerusalem
4) Canada
5) Niagra Falls
There are 100's of places but these are the top ones at the moment, in any order!!
Love and prayers
Aaron xx

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hello and welcome to my blogging of 2007....

Well I have now come to the conclusion that the festive season is over for another year, the trimmings and tree came down today and I have those work blues coming into my system!!
Dont get me wong, I actually love my job and so feel like I need to go back to do what God has called me to do, its just I am use to not getting up and doing what i want during the day, ie seeing friends, family etc.
Well seen as i go back Friday i thought i'd cheer myself and maybe even a few of you up with a few photo's of Fuertaventura where me and Chris recently spent a week on holiday, had a fab time even though no surfing was to be had by either of us.
I do want to say though that this past few days have opened my eyes alot more as to what is important in life and to what extent God plays in all this. I go into this year not knowing if I will have a job at the end of March as the funding runs out, and although I trust God in where he wants me, I still cant help but worry as to where i might be this time next year, I do pray that God keeps me in the job I am doing but if he wants me elsewhere then I need to start looking as youth work jobs are lengthy in the bit from applying to starting so please could you pray for me during the next few weeks. I dont like asking but I feel a bit anxious at the moment, despite what i act like!
Anyway enjoy the pics, by the way its a sunrise not set just in case you wanted to know, and do you reckon i could take up modelling instead of youth work? :)

Love and prayers Aaron x

Monday, January 01, 2007

How to send money up in smoke!!

Happy new year to you all!

I had a fantastic evenings entertainment round at the posh bird's house last night with some of the crew, was a good evening and I can say now that house parties are much better then going out, and although i had 2 beers, i didnt mind and had a good chuckle at people whilst driving home who had clearly had one too many!! ( by the way they were only small beers i had so was ok to drive!!). One in fact made me and Nat chuckle immensly!!
Anyway a good evening was had by all, including a festive game of family fortunes, which Mr Clayton hosted well.
This morning i got up and was eating the New Years breakfeast which I always have (this being a fry up!!) and was watching the news to see the amount of fireworks going up in various places including London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. Don't get me wrong i love firworks, many people have enjoyed the wonders of my back garden being blown up each year, but what really got me was that the ones in London cost £1 million pounds!! I was gobsmacked. In the world we live in where people go hungry, are homeless and in need and our government decides that £1 million of fireworks is a good idea?!
Perhaps I'm being odd but i feel that money could be better spent else where, not just in the 3rd world but even in England, anyway there's my rant over with, I am in total amazement at how much they cost and it has made me think about whether I should have a fireworks or just give the money to something more needy.
Tonight I have eaten dinner, washed up and made drinks for the family and now am enjoying listening to the new Beatles album, very good by the way!! I will be indulging in my addiction tonight as I got sacked on Championship Manager earlier today so need to restart, yeah I',m sad but my team is about as good as Forest in real life, loosing to Oldham 5v0 isn't good.

Just one more thing (mainly aimed at Teapot), the van i had is a small dicast model and not the real thing but the real thing is a possibility, just need to convince the Olds that its an investment!! Anyone wanna go halves and we could do it up together?

Love and Prayers to you all

Aaron xx

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Last Post of 2006!

Dear all!

Yes i am still blogging. Many of you may have thought that I'd given up on this and not bothering in the future, but alas I am here.
This year has been one in which alot has happened, i havent really commented on whats happened with Matt and Chris because i really dont know what to say.
This year i have been blessed alot by God, I gained my qualification in youth work and the first job thjat i applied for in something i felt God had given me gifts in was offered to me. I was in turmoil for many reasons which i wont go into now, because i wasnt sure whether to take the job, and then out of the blue Matt phoned me, i had a good relationship with Matt and Heidi, especially as i had just finsihed my placement with Heidi so saw alot more of Matt, and how blessed I feel to have had that. Anyway Matt had said he had been pryaing for me and that he felt it was the right thing to do, so along with this as well as some advice and prayer with others i took the job, and I would so like to say thanks to Matt for telling me what he felt, one day although i know I'll tell him when we meet him and Chris.

Anyway apart from me getting the job, alot of other stuff has happened too. Many of you will know i was blessed enough to be able to go to Brazil for three weeks in July to see the Wilsons which i really enjoyed and met some people i will never forget as well as the team, oh what fun we had with the I-Pod and my so called singing of Johnny Cash and Jimmi Hendrix, something which me and Al enjoyed.

I wanna say something to all the bloggers who are reading this. I love and value each of you as my brothers and sisters through Christ. I am thankfull for being able to rely and talk and pray with you, and I want each of you to know that i am here for any of you, all you have to do is call or e mail me.
This year for Christmas i got a build your own camper van off my brother and his girlfriend, which i think may be better then Mr Jez Dearing's!!

Love and Prayers to you all, Happy New Year and watch this space for more blogs!!

Aaron xx

Friday, November 17, 2006

What a Week!?!

Well i know it has been a week since I last post, just wanted to let you know I am still here and willing to post, one of the reasons I havent been recently is due to the fact I have been working so much its silly, this week excluding today i have done over my hours and next week i will be into the 50's!
So i have loads and loads on but dont really wanna talk about work, only to say that last friday the urban arts, or graffiti workshop went really well and watch this space as the work will be appearing in the Libary very soon, just need to get the OK with the management there, so if you want to go and see what i do for a living then go down, it will also be going in the paper!

Just to say that my mum is also on the mend, thanks for all your prayers and texts to me to see how she is. She had a camera put into her knee, as she has really bad artheritus and struggles to do most things that we may take for granted. Anyway she had a couple of bits of cartlidge sitting in a bottle next to her chair in the living room, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice!! She should be at church again on Sunday, so make sure you say hi :)

I am off to work again in a bit, tomorrow looks like I will be playing footie :) and will report to you if i get sent off again. Sunday like Mr EB i am involved in the service, talking about my experiances of mission, that will be in the sunday evening.

Just to say make sure you watch the mighty FOREST on the 3rd of Decmeber on BBC 1 in a FA cup 2nd round match away to Salisbury City (Who!!), Im sure it will be a good game, might have some people over if your free, let me know!!

Just to say also my pc is going to be reapired again for the next few days so i wont be psoting for that reason, but as soon as I'm back i will post a baby picture of me online, i promise!!

Love and prayers to you all
Aaron xx